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Video #1: How to Find 150+ Highly Targeted Prospects on Facebook Each Month For Free 

  • Identify Your Perfect Prospects (minute 03:18 in the video)
  • Free Facebook Prospecting Strategy #1 (minute 09:08 in the video)
  • Free Facebook Prospecting Strategy #2 (minute 11:46 in the video)
  • Free Facebook Prospecting Strategy #3 (minute 12:31 in the video)  

Video #2: How to Use Facebook to Enroll More Customers and Team Members 

  • How to Position Yourself as Someone Your Prospects WANT to Work With (minute 4:48 in the video)
  • Our Proven Facebook Posting Strategy to Get More Likes and Comments (minute 13:21 in the video)
  • How to Turn Your Prospects Into Raving Fans Who LOVE To Hear More About What You Do (minute 37:14 in the video)
  • How to Authentically Invite Your Prospects To Take a Look At Your Products and Business (minute 45:55 in the video)
  • How to Enroll More Customers and Team Members While Talking to Less People (minute 53:08 in the video)
  • How to Use Private Facebook Groups to Enroll More Customers and Team Members (minute 57:24 in the video)  


  • Our Proven Facebook Posting Chart and Resource Guide So You Always Know Exactly What to Post to Get the Best Results
  • Our Proven Facebook Scripts PDF to Help You Get More Yeses when Inviting Prospects to Look at Your Business
  • Our Overcoming Objections Scripts PDF to Help You Overcome Virtually Any Objection While Prospecting  

Do you ever feel like your friends go running away screaming when they see your Facebook posts? 

Do you wish you could get more likes, more comments… and more customers and team members on Facebook? 

We get it! And we’ve been there too! 

We used to spend HOURS a day on Facebook… spinning our wheels and getting no engagement or results. No one liked or commented on our posts except the people who were already on our team! We couldn’t figure out what we were doing wrong… 

Then we discovered we were making the same Facebook mistake most network marketers make. And when we fixed it… everything changed.

If you’re posting about your business on Facebook 24/7… have joined a ton of groups and have been sharing your link to everyone you meet… if you’ve been sending messages to all your Facebook friends and getting no response and no results, you are probably making the same mistake we were. 

And we want to help you fix it!

You see, the biggest mistake most network marketers make is just posting whenever the mood strikes them and messaging random people out of the blue without having a step-by-step process on how to make your time on Facebook profitable.  

Without a consistent strategy for posting content, reaching out and following up you won’t be able to engage with your followers and build a loyal audience of raving fans who can’t wait to work with you, so you’ll keep wasting precious time posting random things on Facebook and sending messages with no response. 

But we don’t want that for you!  

Our Facebook Marketing 101 Fast Start Formula will help you consistently enroll new team members and customers into your business from Facebook using a step-by-step system… just like we taught our personal team members to grow our business by over 240% in just 2 months.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • A Step-by-Step Strategy for How to Find 150+ Targete Prospects on Faceook Each Month for Free  
  • Our Proven Facebook Posting Schedule to Help You Attract Your Perfect Customers and Team Members  
  • Our Proven Facebook Messenger Scripts to Help You Invite Someone to Take a Look at Your Business
  • Our Facebook Group Follow Up Strategy to Help You Enroll More of the People You Talk To 

Access the Videos right now, and see for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. 

If you implement the steps in the training and do not see an improvement in your Facebook Engagement within 30 days, we’ll give you your $17 back. No hard feelings, and we can still be friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  

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