Our Free Social Media Prospecting and Recruiting Workshop

Presented By Freedom Boss Babes Kathy Schneider and Jordan Maylea

We Help Driven Entrepreneurs With The Simple Daily Strategies to Build Your Business Online Without Confusion and Overwhelm

Inside This FREE Video You'll Learn:

  • 3 Little Known Ways to Find Out Where the Best Highly Targeted Prospects for Your Business Are Hanging Out on Facebook  
  • How to Effortlessly Connect With These Prospects and Quickly Determine If They Are a Good Fit for Your Products and Business  
  • Our Proven Script to Help You Build Relationships With Prospects in Minutes and Invite Them to Look At Your Products or Business Without Feeling Spammy or Salesy

What Other's Are Saying...

"I sponsored as many business partners in the past 3 months of working with Kathy and Jordan as I did in the previous 6 months combined! Their tools totally increased my confidence and made me feel like a professional!

Nicole Lincoln 

"Since implementing many of the systems I've learned from Kathy and Jordan I have rank advanced twice and am now two ranks away from the top!! And it looks like I'm going to hit the next one this month! I had been stuck at my previous rank for 5 months, and now in just 3 months of working with Kathy and Jordan I blew through the next two!! Thank you for helping me get my head straight about so many things... this stuff works if you work it!!"

Melynda Fitt