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Proven Confidence Boosting Network Marketing Scripts (that are easy to use) 

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"I've been through a lot of training with Kathy and Jordan. I appreciate all the knowledge that they have provided all along, always looking out for everyone, and I feel that they genuinely care for me and everyone else. They always make sure I have the tools to be able to move my business forward." -- Denis Coruzzi

"I've been privileged to know Kathy Schneider and Jordan Maylea for almost 10 years. During that time I've taken the opportunity to learn from these women who I call living leaders. They are the leaders who live their leadership by example. There isn't a thing they teach or suggest which they haven't done or experienced themselves." -- Kim Steadman

Never Worry About What to Say to Your Prospects Ever Again! 

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Section #1 | Initial Facebook Messaging Scripts 

  • Initial Facebook Messaging Scripts for New Facebook Friends
  • Initial Facebook Messaging Script TIps
  • F.O.R.M. Strategy for Building Rapport and Quickly Gaining Trust
  • Script to Transition from New Friend to Business Prospect
  • Scripts for Inviting People to Your Facebook Groups

Section #2 | Direct and Indirect Inviting Scripts

  • Direct Approach for Inviting Someone to Look at Your Business Opportunity 
  • Indirect Approach for Inviting Someoe to Look at Your Business Opportunity
  • Next Step (Folow Up) Scripts 
  • Tips for Follow Up Success 
  • Additional Follow Up Scripts  

Section #3 | Enrollment and Ongoing Follow Up Scripts 

  • Ask for a Decision Scripts
  • Future Follow Up Scripts

Bonus Section | Script Tips We Learned While Working with Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre 

Do you ever wish you could know the perfect thing to say to any prospect in every situation? 

With the tips and strategies in our Proven Confidence-Boosting Network Marketing Scripts Book you will earn how to confidantly approach anyone about your business and follow up like a professional. 

If you've ever worried about: 

How or when to make that transition from a friendly conversation to actually asking someone to take a look at your business... 

How to follow up without feeling pushy...

How to ask for the enrollment or the sale...

And how to use ongoing follow up strategies to enroll more of your prospects... 

This script book will help you!

With these cofidence-boosting scripts and proven prospecting tips you will never feel tongue-tied when talking about your business ever again!

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • Our Proven Facebook Messaging Scripts for Making New Friends and Approaching Them About Your Business the Right Way  
  • Our Proven Inviting Scripts to Help You Confidently Approach Any Prospec in any Situation  
  • Our Proven Follow Up Scripts to Help You Easily Get a Commitment and Enroll More of the People You Talk To  
  • Our Best Prospecting Tips and Strategies for Every Step of the Process to Help You Prospect with Confidence Like a Pro! 

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Get Our Proven Confidence-Boosting Network Marketing Scripts for Only $9.97

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